True Person-Centered Services

Minnesota Alternatives (a program of Mental Health Resources) provides adult outpatient mental health and/or substance use treatment and consultation services focusing on engagement, skill development, personalized interventions, neuroscience and healing trauma. The program uses many state of the art interventions including mindfulness meditation, imagery, motivational enhancements, cognitive behavioral strategies, and multiple trauma therapies.

The program specializes in serving people who experience both substance use issues and mental health problems and is enrolled with the Department of Human Services as a provider of Co-Occurring Services. However, a mental illness is not required to be eligible for services.

People use substances for different reasons and it is important to understand the motives underlying substance use. Understanding and addressing these motives can help people develop alternative ways to meet their needs. We help people define their own vision of recovery and provide individualized and practical help so that people can make different choices and improve the quality of their lives.

Minnesota Alternatives understands everyone is an individual and strives to address the unique needs of each person, versus a one-size-fits-all approach. The program recognizes people are at different levels of readiness for change and will work to provide interventions that meet people where they are at. While abstinence may be the goal for the majority of clients, the program uses a harm reduction approach and embraces the full range of harm reducing goals. Small, incremental, positive changes are seen as steps in the right direction.

The program does not use a 12-Step model, but it does support and encourage clients who find this approach helpful, and can easily integrate step work into individualized treatment plans.


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