Minnesota Alternatives' Payment Information

Payment for services provided by Minnesota Alternatives will vary depending upon health insurance coverage, income level and county of residence.  The payment process can be very confusing, so the most efficient way to determine eligibility would be to call Paula or Susan at 763-789-4895 and discuss your situation.  The following can provide some general guidelines.

The following health plans are accepted: Medica, HealthPartners, Preferred One, U Care, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

If you are low income and uninsured you may be eligible for Rule 25 funding.  Where to get a Rule 25 assessment depends upon where you live.  Again, the simplest approach would be to contact Paula for more information.

If you are interested in relapse prevention/short-term intervention  -- Minnesota Alternatives offers 48 hours of relapse prevention services for $1200.00  (24 hours for $600.00).  Payment plans can be arranged but payment in full is required before program completion.

Private Substance Abuse Assessments are also provided and cost $125.00.  These are often covered by insurance.