Minnesota Alternatives' Outpatient Mental Health Services

Minnesota Alternatives is currently licensed as a Rule 31 substance abuse outpatient program that specializes in treating co-occurring disorders (substance use and mental health). 

We are now contracting with Alltyr Clinic and Dr. Mark Willenbring bringing science-based Addiction Medicine and Psychiatry services to Minnesota Alternatives. (See alltyr.com for more information)

We also offer mental health therapy services provided by Jill Sweeny, LICSW.  Jill specializes in EMDR and trauma focused CBT. We also have practitioners who offer Prolonged Exposure and Somatic Experiencing to help address trauma related issues.

Our treatment program also provides "emotion based" interventions and teaches important life skills.

We are in the process of expanding mental health, peer recovery and family support and hope to have a full spectrum of services available in the Fall of 2014.